• After the previous post Squire discusses Did Not Need Backlink Google Panda? , Today the skipper will raise the same topic about the 2011 Google algorithm, Google Panda.

    This post will discuss the effect of " low quality content " or low quality content (garbage content) on the overall site ranking. 

    Let's look at the statement om  Michael Wyszomierski , a Project Manager at Google, here:

    Improve it or remove it. With Google's Panda Update, low-quality content can impact an entire domain, but removing these pages - or moving them to a different domain - can help your rankings

    The Free Translation is as follows:

    Fix or delete articles that you consider to be of low quality. With the release of Google Panda, articles / content with low quality will have an adverse effect on overall site ranking. scrape google results

    Michael's statement is quite clear, the reason why sites with original content can be hit by the "panda" tantrum. Because it could be, without a friend realize there are some content / articles on your blog that are less qualified. For example, old articles from the copas when I was friends, I just started blogging. 

    These junk articles - those without friends realize that there may be between tens or hundreds of blog posts - will have an effect on the overall site ranking.


    To avoid Google Panda's "tantrum", there are 2 choices, delete or fix the trash content on your blog. Open a list of posts that you have written, check one by one the published article.


    For that, read the article How to delete a post page from Google SERP . By utilizing the facility to remove URLs from webmasters tools , there will be no broken links from junk articles that you delete. 

    After you select the post then fix it or even choose to delete junk posts, that is, the consequences of being hushed by Google Panda who are incessantly raiding junk content will not affect the ranking of your blog as a whole. 

    At the end, the articles on the Blog Blog are open discussions. Anyone can give their opinion here. How? What do you think about the statement of Michael Michael Wyszomierski above?


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  • Everyone likes music. Without music, this world will feel lonely. So it's no wonder if on your smartphone there are cool and exciting music applications , like Spotify.

    But, is the Spotify function just a music player? It feels less useful. Therefore, yatekno will give you cool Android tips that will turn Spotify into an alarm. Let you not oversleep.

    How to make Spotify as an alarm

    The standard alarm sound in the form of "Tet ... Tot ... Teeet" certainly makes you lazy to wake up. But if the alarm sounds the sound of your favorite song on Spotify, it must be immediately excited right? So, let's make a song on Spotify as an alarm by:

    Download and install the SpotOn Alarm application.

    After that, please click the add icon and select Tap to Select Music to start connecting with your Spotify account .

    Then, please log in to your Spotify account. And start connecting with the SpotOn Alarm.

    Then select what favorite song will be used as the alarm ringtone . And don't forget to set the clock!

    Once the time comes, your favorite song on Spotify will wake you up and make you excited.

    With SpotOn Alarm, it is guaranteed that Spotify will be a loyal friend who is ready to make your day spirit from waking up to sleeping again. Good luck!

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  • Since Google AdSense supports Indonesian in 2012, income fields through the internet have begun to be enlivened by many people. Pay Per Click (PPC) systems can be a way to get money from the internet. For those of you who are beginners, don't worry because this money really can be cashed into rupiah.


    But sometimes not all goes well. There are several AdSense user reports stating that their GA ads don't appear on blogs or blank . From this case clearly there are many reasons why Adsense ads don't appear.


    Causes Of Adsense Ads Not Appearing On Blogs

    There are some of the most common things that cause GA not to appear on your blog or website. Generally it cannot appear because of the following causes.


    Review 1 And Review 2

    It turned out that every AdSense has a period of review ( review ), good reviews on 1 or 2. For this one difficult problem to overcome. The only way is to wait until the blog registered is really approved by Google. Then the ad will reappear on your site.


    Not all websites have the same review duration. On 1 web, the review can be less than 24 hours. But on other websites, it can take several weeks.


    Keep in mind, in this review also requires some parts that you must do. Because sometimes when a review has been waited a long time, it turns out you haven't entered the AdSense code. So make sure all provisions have been made so that the review runs smoothly.


    GA Hosts For Non-Hostesses

    It can be ascertained that GA hostesses will not appear on blogs or non-hostess websites , because advertisements can only be displayed on sites that have relevance to other Google products (partner sites) such as YouTube, Blogger (non TLD costum), Hubpages, Docstock and various sites other partners.


    A few tips if you experience a condition like this is only upgrading your hostess account to become a non hostess by registering it again. Google will review non-hostess blogs or websites first for several days, usually between 2 to 7 days. Don't worry if this method fails, because GA hostesses can still be used for Google partner sites.


    Closed AdSense Ads Other Website Elements

    Jika script kode adsense kalian tertutup elemen script atau kode HTML lain, juga dapat menjadi penyebab iklan adsense tidak muncul pada blog atau web. Misalnya saja kalian ingin memodifikasi atau menghias iklan Adsense dengan menambahkan script atau tag div lain dapat menutupi adsense sehingga tidak muncul. Alangkah baiknya menggunakan script adsense asli tanpa penambahan elemen lainnya.

    Cookies And Browser Cache

    Cookies and full cache can cause AdSense ads not to appear. The step to overcome it is very easy, just delete cookies and chace or history in the web browser. Make a simple refresh by pressing Ctrl + F5 (on Windows) or CMD + R (on Mac). Then AdSense will appear again.


    Too Many Scripts Or JavaScript

    Too many scripts or JavaScript that you install can slow down and limit the speed of the browser load . This makes AdSense unreadable. How to overcome adsense ads does not appear that can be done you should choose a script that is important and needed on the blog.


    AdSense Ad Placement

    AdSense cannot be placed anywhere just like that. Incorrect placement can make AdSense not appear. For example, if you place an ad banner on crosscol, this place is not suitable for AdSense, so the ads don't appear.


    Banned By Google

    This is the cause of AdSense ads not appearing on the most fatal blogs. Google clearly makes an AdSense account will not appear, because we are no longer an AdSense publisher member . So please be patient, this is an exam.


    The above causes should make us more aware and careful. We must check before and after installing AdSense ads on our website, whether we violate the terms and policies of Google or not.

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  • We congratulate you if your business can last until the fourth quarter of this year. Hopefully not only survive, but also sweet fruit. Now we are entering the end of the year. The period in which customer spending behavior is usually increases. They will spend more money at the end of the year.

    It's time for us to take advantage of this moment to develop our business to be stronger, and to explore deeper profits for sure.

    So prepare a new strategy so that the remaining quarters of the year will be fun. With this anticipation, try checking which of these 3 preparations you have not done for your business.

    1. Website Health

    Evaluate the performance of your business website. Make sure from a technical standpoint your website is accessible. Is it able to be accessed by thousands of visitors or not. Slow loading speed or not. The speed of opening a web page will affect user satisfaction.

    It could be that the user who had had the intention to buy instead decided to buy the product on the competitor's website. This is only because your website has been opened for a long time or it can't be opened at all.

    Not only in technical terms, but also in terms of content . Whether your website content has provided what the customer segment is looking for or not. If not, then try fixing and adjusting.

    See also aesthetics your website . It's nice to see or not. Is the user easy to find the desired info on your website, whether the buy button or your contact is easily visible or even hidden in the lower right corner of the page.

    Common Mistake

    The most common mistake made by novice businessmen is not paying attention to things like this on the website. In fact, often, websites have been advertised with Google AdWords services . Or also have posted a Facebook ad that directs the user to click the link to the website.

    Indeed, the number of incoming website visitors rose dramatically. But it turned out that it came out again because it did not find what it was looking for, did not want to wait long when opening, and even lacked confidence because it saw your unprofessional website.

    Putting Google ads without paying attention to the health of the website itself will only waste money. If the website is still not healthy or does not look professional, it is better to redesign it, because it will indirectly worsen the brand.

    2. Customer Service

    Customer service must be considered as the foundation of all types of marketing promotions carried out. Especially during the holiday period.

    Make sure the CS team has been given complete information about products, promotions, prices, general problems and product shipments if any. This information will greatly help confidence in answering prospective customer questions or complaints from customers.

    Lead >> Bad Customer Service >> Transaction Failure

    Try every lead that goes to customer service to be converted into sales. This is not easy, but if it cannot be converted into sales, try to keep the brand name good.

    3. Remarketing

    The cost of acquiring a new customer is said to be 7 times more expensive than maintaining an old customer. With remarketing on existing customers, we can save acquisition costs while increasing transactions.

    Remarketing is done not need to wait for sales numbers to decline. At the end of this year, we can remind the customer about the products, services, or interesting offers we have.

    Old Customer >> Remarketing >> New Transactions

    You can do this by contacting the old customer again. Either by telephone, sms, or email marketing . Check your customer database again, select and sort which prospects are about. Don't get broadcast to all, so it isn't considered spam.

    Don't forget to make remarketing messages uniquely. Try to make your customer consider your remarketing message as personal as possible.

    There are three steps to preparing marketing to face the end of the year. Hopefully prosper.

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  • Currently business people are increasingly competing to get the best position in the hearts of the people, so they are willing to do anything to achieve this. One of the businesses that they do is to do promotions on various media and platforms, having their own website also has a good impact.


    As we know that online media is currently becoming the main target because people now have a tendency to the internet. So that people try to find their needs through the internet and even now the purchase of products online is in great demand.


    Based on this, there is nothing wrong if you use it as a means to promote your business. An example is by creating your own business website, now this article will discuss some strong reasons why you should have a website.

    As A Help Channel For Customers

    The first reason why you need to create a website for your business is because the website can be used as a help channel for your customers. Websites that are created and managed well will certainly provide maximum results, for example just creating a website as a customer service that is ready to serve 24 hours a day.


    Of course this will really help you increase the credibility of your business and business in the eyes of the customer. Because with you who are ready to serve for 24 hours will make customers believe that your business is indeed dedicated.


    Besides that it can also make the customer satisfied because there is no need to wait long to get a response and help. So it can be said that a website can be an investment for your business.


    Increase Awareness Of Your Business Brand

    The second reason why businesses must have a website that is also important is that the awareness of the community / market will increase your business presence.


    This is because nowadays people tend to look for information data through the internet so that clearly the existence of a website with a solid SEO strategy will make people know more about your business.


    And the more famous your business, the greater the chance to get customers.


    Improve Competitiveness

    As mentioned above that currently the competition for business and business is indeed very tight. For that, to keep you in the forefront, don't let you lose competitiveness with other competitors who are trying to drop your name and credibility.


    By creating your business website, you will increase your competitiveness and strengthen the quality of your business.


    Increase The Level Of Customer Confidence

    The next reason for creating a business website will further increase people's trust in your business. This is because in this digital era people will search for all kinds of information through the internet so it's really strange if you don't have a website.


    With the website of your business, the customer will be more confident in the quality and credibility of your business, so they will no longer hesitate to trust you.


    As The Latest Source Of Information

    So, by having a website, you can introduce a variety of new products and policies just by posting them on the website. This will certainly help and facilitate you in disseminating information to the public more effectively.


    Those are some important reasons why a business or business needs a website. Hopefully the review above can be useful for you and can give you a little idea of ​​the importance of a business website.

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