• Facts About White Zetsu That Makes Intrigued

    White Zetsu (Shiro-Zetsu) is half of the Akatsuki Zetsu members (ゼ ツ, Zetsu). Zetsu was believed to have been created when Kaguya used Mugen Tsukuyomi to a group of people who attacked him when he contained Hagoromo and Hamura. The victims of Mugen Tsukuyomi changed when the energy of his body was absorbed by the Shinju tree. White Zetsu is the biggest force of the Akatsuki group in PDS 4 for this time Borutonesia will discuss the 12 coolest facts of white zetsu:

    1. Origins of White Zetsu

    Madara assumed that White Zetsu was the result of his anoboy boku no hero creation which was the result of Hashirama's cell cloning which was added by Gedo Mazou chakra. But actually the White Zetsu came from the victims of Mugen Tsukayomi who had done Kaguya in the past which was then released by Black Zetsu through the statue of Gedo Mazou to trick Madara.

    2. Elements that are controlled by White Zetsu.

    White Zetsu controls three chakra elements, namely water, soil and wood. Because it has this wood element that makes Madara sure that White Zetsu is a creation that originates from Hashirama cells. But the use of White Zetsu wood techniques is not like Hashirama and Yamato, because Zetsu uses them to be able to blend with trees or soil and move places quickly through land intermediaries.

    3. Role of White Zetsu in Akatsuki.

    White Zetsu is one of the earliest members to enter Akatsuki after Yahiko's death. White Zetsu shaped like a Venus flower becomes a host and joins White Zetsu. In Akatsuki they both served as spies who collected a lot of information for the benefit of the organization. They are also included in the members that play an important role in the process of extracting the Bijuu from Jinchuriki.

    4. White Zetsu affiliation other than Akatsuki

    Unlike most other members of the Akatsuki organization, which is a runaway ninja from the Shinobi village, White Zetsu is not an escape ninja because he is not from any village and he is only affiliated with Akatsuki. Therefore you will not find a headband with the symbol of the Shinobi village crossed on the body of the White Zetsu.

    5. The ability of White Zetsu to absorb Chakra

    When Sasuke and his team made a surprise attack on the Kage meeting, Zetsu showed that he was able to implant the micro-sized chakra sucking spores on the Kage and his bodyguards. The spores do not contain chakras at all so they cannot be detected by a sensor type ninja. The spores were able to absorb the victim's chakra that he was holding and he sent it to Sasuke who was weak after he also stuck to Sasuke.

    6. Narikawari no Jutsu Belongs to White Zetsu

    White Zetsu forces are able to use a unique jutsu named "Narikawari no Jutsu" which makes White Zetsu able to imitate a Shinobi perfectly after absorbing a little chakra. Starting from the physical form, the type of chakra to its ability can be replicated perfectly so that a sensor type ninja will be able to detect it. Only Naruto in the Bijuu Mode can detect White Zetsu from evil intentions possessed by White Zetsu. In addition, White Zetsu can be trapped using questions that are only known to the victims who were imitated because Zetsu was unable to absorb the knowledge of his victims.

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