• The advantages of Auto Ads in AMP Blog

    one of the main solutions to increase revenue (income are) from Google AdSense is to install the unit Auto Ads . The quirky feature made by AdSense which was launched in February 2018 ago is very helpful for publishers in terms of ad optimization because it has been done automatically by Google bots. keywords search volume database

    Proven only with a few scripts AdSense ads can be viewed on every page of the site and the special is that the ads can appear to follow with the character of the reader or more precisely in the part that is most often seen by them so that the viewbility of ads tends to be higher.

    This Auto Ads feature can make the publisher more comfortable and do not need to be afraid of most advertisements because he will adjust himself to the number of phrase articles so that the ads that appear on each page vary depending on the length and the shortness of the article.

    For AMP version sites, this Auto Ads feature can now also be used with script placement methods that are slightly different from non AMP sites. Auto Ads scripts for non AMP sites tend to be easier to find on the AdSense dashboard because the navigation can also be seen in the main navigation row, but unlike the Auto Ads script for AMP sites, it is a little hidden.


    Language is automatic advertising. From the results of the author's observation, definitively Auto AdS is an AdSense Gool advertising feature that is able to work automatically using browser technology that can adjust to the state of the website or blog while it is in an optimal state so that publishers can save more time.

    Auto AdS can call multiple ad units include Text & display ads , ads inArtikel , advertising infeed , Matcded Content , Ads Anchor (especially mobile), rent Vignette (Special Mobile). All of these ads are set by a switch so there is no need to modify the ad script again.


    This knowledge is very important for you, especially those who are still entry level so you are not familiar with Google AdSense. The presence of Auto Ads is quite profitable for publishers because at least the optimization of ads is done by Google using the latest technology so that the results are truly optimal.


    Ad performance can adjust automatically when the site is in optimal condition so that it can provide comfort to users when they access the site because it is not interrupted by advertisements when the site is not optimal.

    Ads will appear at the user's focal point when they consume content so that it has more potential for high viewbility and of course this can have an impact on revenue because ads tend to be closer to users.

    Auto Ads only has a few scripts and yet it can control more than one unit of advertising, this is certainly very helpful in speeding up website pages because it doesn't use too many ad scripts that can hinder the performance of the website.

    There is no need to change the script to deactivate unwanted ads, simply by using the buttons available on the Auto Ads dashboard so that this is very easy to understand, especially by beginners.

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