• How to juggle Spotify into an alarm on an Android smartphone

    Everyone likes music. Without music, this world will feel lonely. So it's no wonder if on your smartphone there are cool and exciting music applications , like Spotify.

    But, is the Spotify function just a music player? It feels less useful. Therefore, yatekno will give you cool Android tips that will turn Spotify into an alarm. Let you not oversleep.

    How to make Spotify as an alarm

    The standard alarm sound in the form of "Tet ... Tot ... Teeet" certainly makes you lazy to wake up. But if the alarm sounds the sound of your favorite song on Spotify, it must be immediately excited right? So, let's make a song on Spotify as an alarm by:

    Download and install the SpotOn Alarm application.

    After that, please click the add icon and select Tap to Select Music to start connecting with your Spotify account .

    Then, please log in to your Spotify account. And start connecting with the SpotOn Alarm.

    Then select what favorite song will be used as the alarm ringtone . And don't forget to set the clock!

    Once the time comes, your favorite song on Spotify will wake you up and make you excited.

    With SpotOn Alarm, it is guaranteed that Spotify will be a loyal friend who is ready to make your day spirit from waking up to sleeping again. Good luck!

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    Friday 28th September 2018 at 22:18

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    Monday 15th October 2018 at 12:33

    thanks for sharing ya, this so greats content, nice spoton.


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