Since Google AdSense supports Indonesian in 2012, income fields through the internet have begun to be enlivened by many people. Pay Per Click (PPC) systems can be a way to get money from the internet. For those of you who are beginners, don't worry because this money really can be cashed into rupiah.


    But sometimes not all goes well. There are several AdSense user reports stating that their GA ads don't appear on blogs or blank . From this case clearly there are many reasons why Adsense ads don't appear.


    Causes Of Adsense Ads Not Appearing On Blogs

    There are some of the most common things that cause GA not to appear on your blog or website. Generally it cannot appear because of the following causes.


    Review 1 And Review 2

    It turned out that every AdSense has a period of review ( review ), good reviews on 1 or 2. For this one difficult problem to overcome. The only way is to wait until the blog registered is really approved by Google. Then the ad will reappear on your site.


    Not all websites have the same review duration. On 1 web, the review can be less than 24 hours. But on other websites, it can take several weeks.


    Keep in mind, in this review also requires some parts that you must do. Because sometimes when a review has been waited a long time, it turns out you haven't entered the AdSense code. So make sure all provisions have been made so that the review runs smoothly.


    GA Hosts For Non-Hostesses

    It can be ascertained that GA hostesses will not appear on blogs or non-hostess websites , because advertisements can only be displayed on sites that have relevance to other Google products (partner sites) such as YouTube, Blogger (non TLD costum), Hubpages, Docstock and various sites other partners.


    A few tips if you experience a condition like this is only upgrading your hostess account to become a non hostess by registering it again. Google will review non-hostess blogs or websites first for several days, usually between 2 to 7 days. Don't worry if this method fails, because GA hostesses can still be used for Google partner sites.


    Closed AdSense Ads Other Website Elements

    Jika script kode adsense kalian tertutup elemen script atau kode HTML lain, juga dapat menjadi penyebab iklan adsense tidak muncul pada blog atau web. Misalnya saja kalian ingin memodifikasi atau menghias iklan Adsense dengan menambahkan script atau tag div lain dapat menutupi adsense sehingga tidak muncul. Alangkah baiknya menggunakan script adsense asli tanpa penambahan elemen lainnya.

    Cookies And Browser Cache

    Cookies and full cache can cause AdSense ads not to appear. The step to overcome it is very easy, just delete cookies and chace or history in the web browser. Make a simple refresh by pressing Ctrl + F5 (on Windows) or CMD + R (on Mac). Then AdSense will appear again.


    Too Many Scripts Or JavaScript

    Too many scripts or JavaScript that you install can slow down and limit the speed of the browser load . This makes AdSense unreadable. How to overcome adsense ads does not appear that can be done you should choose a script that is important and needed on the blog.


    AdSense Ad Placement

    AdSense cannot be placed anywhere just like that. Incorrect placement can make AdSense not appear. For example, if you place an ad banner on crosscol, this place is not suitable for AdSense, so the ads don't appear.


    Banned By Google

    This is the cause of AdSense ads not appearing on the most fatal blogs. Google clearly makes an AdSense account will not appear, because we are no longer an AdSense publisher member . So please be patient, this is an exam.


    The above causes should make us more aware and careful. We must check before and after installing AdSense ads on our website, whether we violate the terms and policies of Google or not.

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