• Can the Original Blog Get a Google Panda Rage?

    After the previous post Squire discusses Did Not Need Backlink Google Panda? , Today the skipper will raise the same topic about the 2011 Google algorithm, Google Panda.

    This post will discuss the effect of " low quality content " or low quality content (garbage content) on the overall site ranking. 

    Let's look at the statement om  Michael Wyszomierski , a Project Manager at Google, here:

    Improve it or remove it. With Google's Panda Update, low-quality content can impact an entire domain, but removing these pages - or moving them to a different domain - can help your rankings

    The Free Translation is as follows:

    Fix or delete articles that you consider to be of low quality. With the release of Google Panda, articles / content with low quality will have an adverse effect on overall site ranking. scrape google results

    Michael's statement is quite clear, the reason why sites with original content can be hit by the "panda" tantrum. Because it could be, without a friend realize there are some content / articles on your blog that are less qualified. For example, old articles from the copas when I was friends, I just started blogging. 

    These junk articles - those without friends realize that there may be between tens or hundreds of blog posts - will have an effect on the overall site ranking.


    To avoid Google Panda's "tantrum", there are 2 choices, delete or fix the trash content on your blog. Open a list of posts that you have written, check one by one the published article.


    For that, read the article How to delete a post page from Google SERP . By utilizing the facility to remove URLs from webmasters tools , there will be no broken links from junk articles that you delete. 

    After you select the post then fix it or even choose to delete junk posts, that is, the consequences of being hushed by Google Panda who are incessantly raiding junk content will not affect the ranking of your blog as a whole. 

    At the end, the articles on the Blog Blog are open discussions. Anyone can give their opinion here. How? What do you think about the statement of Michael Michael Wyszomierski above?


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