We congratulate you if your business can last until the fourth quarter of this year. Hopefully not only survive, but also sweet fruit. Now we are entering the end of the year. The period in which customer spending behavior is usually increases. They will spend more money at the end of the year.

    It's time for us to take advantage of this moment to develop our business to be stronger, and to explore deeper profits for sure.

    So prepare a new strategy so that the remaining quarters of the year will be fun. With this anticipation, try checking which of these 3 preparations you have not done for your business.

    1. Website Health

    Evaluate the performance of your business website. Make sure from a technical standpoint your website is accessible. Is it able to be accessed by thousands of visitors or not. Slow loading speed or not. The speed of opening a web page will affect user satisfaction.

    It could be that the user who had had the intention to buy instead decided to buy the product on the competitor's website. This is only because your website has been opened for a long time or it can't be opened at all.

    Not only in technical terms, but also in terms of content . Whether your website content has provided what the customer segment is looking for or not. If not, then try fixing and adjusting.

    See also aesthetics your website . It's nice to see or not. Is the user easy to find the desired info on your website, whether the buy button or your contact is easily visible or even hidden in the lower right corner of the page.

    Common Mistake

    The most common mistake made by novice businessmen is not paying attention to things like this on the website. In fact, often, websites have been advertised with Google AdWords services . Or also have posted a Facebook ad that directs the user to click the link to the website.

    Indeed, the number of incoming website visitors rose dramatically. But it turned out that it came out again because it did not find what it was looking for, did not want to wait long when opening, and even lacked confidence because it saw your unprofessional website.

    Putting Google ads without paying attention to the health of the website itself will only waste money. If the website is still not healthy or does not look professional, it is better to redesign it, because it will indirectly worsen the brand.

    2. Customer Service

    Customer service must be considered as the foundation of all types of marketing promotions carried out. Especially during the holiday period.

    Make sure the CS team has been given complete information about products, promotions, prices, general problems and product shipments if any. This information will greatly help confidence in answering prospective customer questions or complaints from customers.

    Lead >> Bad Customer Service >> Transaction Failure

    Try every lead that goes to customer service to be converted into sales. This is not easy, but if it cannot be converted into sales, try to keep the brand name good.

    3. Remarketing

    The cost of acquiring a new customer is said to be 7 times more expensive than maintaining an old customer. With remarketing on existing customers, we can save acquisition costs while increasing transactions.

    Remarketing is done not need to wait for sales numbers to decline. At the end of this year, we can remind the customer about the products, services, or interesting offers we have.

    Old Customer >> Remarketing >> New Transactions

    You can do this by contacting the old customer again. Either by telephone, sms, or email marketing . Check your customer database again, select and sort which prospects are about. Don't get broadcast to all, so it isn't considered spam.

    Don't forget to make remarketing messages uniquely. Try to make your customer consider your remarketing message as personal as possible.

    There are three steps to preparing marketing to face the end of the year. Hopefully prosper.

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